The Raptor's Nest
The Raptor's Nest

The Raptor’s Nest gives Creation Museum guests the chance to move outside their comfort zones, but in a safe and thrilling environment. Aerial elements include challenges with names like Postman’s Walk, Fence Posts, Vines, Balance Beam, Burma Planks, No Hands Bridge, and Pirates Crossing to name a few! There are up to 35 exciting and often challenging activities designed to help each participant not only have fun but also realize how to overcome challenges that seem daunting.

Please read all requirements, policies, and instructions before purchasing tickets.

Online aerial challenge tickets are available for sale until 11:59 PM the day before the event. We can accomodate up to 25 adults and 12 children (including accompanying adults) for each time slot. If no tickets are yet sold for a particular tour time we ask that the first order be at least two tickets.

Prices shown do not include 6% KY sales tax.

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Child Course
 (ages 5-9)

This course may last up to an hour and is suited for children 5–9 years old. Participants will move through a series of obstacles that range from three to seven feet off the ground. One parent must accompany their child on the children's course if the child is unable to reach 70 inches standing flat-footed. The accompanying parent pays a discounted fee of $10 (see the Add-on ticket below), but is limited to the Children’s Course.

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Adult Course
 (ages 10 and up)

This course presents challenging activities at heights of 10–45 feet in the air. Allow up to 2.5 hours for the adult course. Suited for ages 10 and up, all participants must be able to reach 70 inches while standing flat-footed.

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Add-on Ticket

This ticket is for a parent accompanying a child who cannot reach 70 inches on the children's course. You must select at least one Child Aerial Challenge ticket for each Aerial Challenge Add-on ticket you place in your order.

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